How it works...
How it works...
What can you build?

Simply put, anything!  If you have a photograph, I can redraw it and make a mosaic.  If you can imagine it ...and pay for it, I can (and will gladly) build it.

What do you need to start?

First I'll need you to send me a few photos, make sure to tell me your favorites, I use them ALL never hurts to have reference material.  Make sure the subject is smiling, it makes for a better portrait.  Besides, it's LEGO®, smiles are mandatory!

How long does it take?

Turn around time for a smaller project is typically a week-and-a-half to two-weeks.  Sometimes (especially around the holidays) I get busier, which means longer turn around time, so plan accordingly.  Larger projects take take a little longer.

 Do you frame my portrait?

Yes and no.  I think it's best to let you frame the portrait so it fits best in your home.  So I don't frame my work, but for a little extra, I can build a frame out of LEGO® ...which are pretty cool.

How do I clean my portrait?

There is a lot of surface area on the face of your portrait that LOVES to grab dust.  I suggest cleaning your portrait on a regular basis with a (dry) paint brush.  Just knocking the dust off every week or so will do wonders!  You can also use a damp (water) cloth to clean with, avoid glass cleaners and other chemicals.  I prefer brushing, compressed air, or any other dry method.

Is there something I missed?

If you still have questions, shoot me an e-mail.  Please don't be shy, I love talking about my work and what I do.  I'll gladly answer any questions I can!