Gilligan’s Radio

The creation that started it all…

In early 2009, I was still a hobbyist. Creating fun things out of LEGO bricks with my kids for the plain fun of it. One of the things I created was a series of Gilligan’s Island “play sets” that included box art. Each set highlighted some of the iconic moments from the show. The largest of which was a scale replica of that familiar, white, Packard Bell AR-851 used in the series. Like the creators of the show, I had to take a little artistic license with my version of the radio (the AR-851 radio set does not include a handle or a telescoping antenna).

Shortly after posting pictures of the sets online, they received quite a bit of attention and were blogged by several sites, including The Brothers Brick (the defacto blog of the LEGO fan). Just about a year later, in mid-2010, I received an e-mail from someone claiming to represent the illusionist, David Copperfield. She said the Mr. Copperfield was a big fan of Gilligan’s Island and wanted to know if the radio was for sale!

At first, this seemed to be the opening salvo of a beautiful practical joke. I love a good practical joke, so the only thing I could do was go along with it! It turns out that the joke really was on me, I was actually dealing with David Copperfield’s assistant. After a few short exchanges, David Copperfield became the proud owner of my radio and my VERY FIRST customer!

I’m grateful to all of my clients, but I owe David Copperfield a special debt of gratitude for getting this ball rolling.