Dave Shaddix is a freelance artist who, using LEGO® bricks as a medium along with just the right amount of imagination creates unique, three-dimensional sculptures, models, portraits and mosaics!

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Born in Southern California and raised in Sedona, Arizona, Shaddix was first exposed to the world of art at an early age by his grandfather, a western artist, who raised him and took him to art shows across the United States.   Though it was easily lost, LEGO® was an excellent toy to take with him on those long road trips and plane rides.  Somewhere along the way, while scattering his LEGO® across the U.S., Shaddix made a logical and foundational association between self expression and art.

While having no formal art education (other than high school), Shaddix has been surrounded by creativity for most of his life.  Though it wasn’t until he started buying LEGO® for his children and building with them, that he realized that LEGO® could (and absolutely should) be an artistic medium.


A kid at heart, Shaddix never quite fit the mold of the corporate world and eventually learned that it was unhealthy and pointless to try.  Today, based in his Phoenix Studio, Shaddix accepts commissions from individuals and businesses who want a unique expression of their vision or identity.  He is also available to build custom creations at events and conventions.

Ask Dave
Ask Dave
Do you work for LEGO®?
Nope! I'm an independent artist living my dream and in no way affiliated with LEGO.
Is your work for sale?

Absolutely, every last brick!  Use my contact form for more details and information about purchasing an existing piece or commissioning a custom piece.

Do you glue your work?

It depends on the project, some of my models and mosaics are built and taken apart after an event or show, so I don't glue those.  Others are built as commissioned works or long-term displays are glued.

Is your work expensive?

It depends on your personal definition of that word.  I've dealt a good amount of sticker shock to the unsuspecting.  I'll remind you of two very relevant points:  LEGO® is an expensive medium and I create original art with it.